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We remove that uncertainty for you. You only pay after your trademark application has been accepted.

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Pay no service fee until the trademark application is accepted by the USPTO and/or state agencies.

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PayAfterTM is the only pay-after platform to secure your business’s trademark with the government at both the federal and state level.

Our services have expedited the trademark name registration process for more than 5,000 businesses.

Registering my King Solomon Accounting trademark was a breeze thanks to PayAfterTM. The process was quick, easy to follow, and entirely conducted via their website.
Maxwell Robbins from Chicago
Maxwell Robbins from Chicago, IL
Owner of King Solomon Agency
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Frequently Asked Questions About PayAfterTM

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There are several reasons to choose PayAfterTM over other trademark registration services:


No Upfront Costs: With PayAfterTM, you only pay after your trademark submission is accepted by government agencies. Other services require payment upfront, regardless of whether your submission is accepted or not.


Expertise and Experience: We know the trademark system inside and out. Our team is well-versed in the procedures of the USPTO and state agencies. This expertise allows us to expedite your trademark submission, getting your registration approved faster than other services.


Quality of Service: Some competitors might lure you in with cheap prices, but they often file registrations with numerous errors, leading to rejection. At PayAfterTM, we ensure your application is accurate and compliant with all regulations before we submit it. Our team is diligent and detail-oriented, lowering the risk of rejection due to errors.


Success Rate: Despite common misconceptions, registering a trademark is not a simple task with guaranteed approval. In fact, the USPTO reports that nearly half of all trademark submissions are rejected because they are not compliant with rules. With PayAfterTM, your chances of approval significantly increase due to our expertise and thoroughness.


Accountability: Unlike other services, we put our skin in the game. We are incentivized to get your trademark registration right the first time because we only get paid when your submission is accepted.


With PayAfterTM, you’re not just getting a service – you’re getting a partner committed to your trademark registration’s success. We stand behind our work, providing a risk-free, high-quality solution for your trademark needs.

Filing a trademark registration with PayAfterTM is a straightforward process:


  1. Let us know the trademark name you’re looking to register.
  2. Answers some of our questions, and then our sophisticated AI platform will check for any registered trademarks similar to yours.
  3. Based on your business specifics, our system will suggest whether it’s more beneficial to register with USPTO, the state, or both.


After this, we will finalize and electronically file your paperwork with the USPTO trademark office and/or the relevant state agency.


This quick and efficient process typically takes less than 10 minutes. We charge a flat service fee of $149. With PayAfterTM, trademark registration is a breeze.

A trademark is a special sign that shows your products or services are uniquely yours and not from other companies. It can be your business name, product name, a unique phrase, logo, symbol, or design. To really protect your trademark from anyone who tries to copy it, you should register and use it in your business.

Registering a trademark might seem complicated, but it essentially involves applying to organizations like the USPTO or your state’s trademark office. Once you’ve registered your trademark, it means others are not allowed to use your business name, brand name, phrase, logo, symbol, or design. It’s a legal way to make sure your brand stays unique.

Registering a trademark involves a few steps:


  1. Search: First, you need to make sure no one else is already using a similar name, logo, or slogan. You can do this by searching online and in the trademark databases of USPTO and your state (if applicable).
  2. Prepare: Next, prepare your application. This involves gathering necessary information like your name, address, the exact mark you want to register, a sample showing how you’re using the mark, and the date you first used it.
  3. Apply: Then, submit your application with the required fees. You can do this online through the USPTO’s website or your state’s trademark office.
  4. Wait: After submitting, you’ll need to wait for the review process. If everything’s fine, your trademark will be registered. If there are any issues, you’ll be contacted to make changes.


Remember, the process can be complex and it might be helpful to get professional help to ensure it’s done right.

From a business perspective, a trademark and a copyright serve different purposes.

A trademark protects your brand identity in the market. It covers things like your company name, logo, or tagline. For example, the McDonald’s golden arches or the name ‘Nike’ are trademarks. These protect your brand from competitors who might try to use similar signs that could confuse customers.

On the other hand, a copyright protects original creative works that your business might produce. This could include things like advertising copy, user manuals, website content, promotional videos, software, or design schematics. A copyright prevents others from using, copying, or selling these works without your permission. For example, if your company writes a unique software program, you would copyright it to prevent others from using or selling it without your consent.

You’ll need to provide some key details:

  • The exact mark or sign you want to register.
  • The legal name and address of the person or company that owns the mark.
  • A sample that shows how you’re using the mark in your business, like a product photo or a screenshot of your website.
  • The date you started using the mark in your business and the date you first showed the mark to the public.

A federal trademark gives you protection all across the country, while a state trademark protects your brand only within the state where you register it.

You should consider a federal trademark if you’re doing business or planning to do business in more than one state or online. This ensures no one else in the U.S. can use your trademark. However, it is more expensive and requires a longer, more complex application process.

On the other hand, if your business operates only within one state, and there’s no plan to expand beyond, a state trademark could be enough. This gives you exclusive rights to use your trademark within that state. A state trademark is quicker and less expensive to obtain, making it ideal for smaller businesses operating only in one state. But its protection only applies within that specific state

Remember to research thoroughly before deciding as each option has its own benefits and limitations depending on your business situation.

A specimen is a real-life example showing how you’re using your trademark in your business. For products, it could be a photo of the label, tag, or packaging with your trademark on it. For services, it might be brochures, flyers, or ads that display your trademark. Think of it as proof that you’re really using your trademark in your business. You need to provide a specimen when you apply for a trademark.

Yes, you can! You can file an “Intent-To-Use” application. This is a way of saying, “I’m not using this trademark right now, but I plan to use it soon.” You can do this to protect your brand name or logo even before you start selling anything.


After your application is accepted, you’ll get a Notice of Allowance (NOA). This means you have six months to either start using your trademark in your business and show them proof, or ask for more time.


If you need more time, you can ask for an extension. You can do this up to five times, and each time gives you another six months. So, in total, you could have three years from when you get the NOA to when you need to show you’re using the trademark.

Hey, just wanted to drop a quick thank-you for hooking me up with this awesome service! Guess what? I got my business trademark name registered today, and man, it was a breeze compared to filling out all those boring paper forms by myself. Seriously, this thing is lightning fast! So, thanks again! You rock!
Nathan Mitchell
Nathan Mitchell
Owner of Glam Guide TV

We have helped register more than 10,000 trademarks.

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